Work-Style Reforms and Promoting Diversity

Creating Workplace Environments Empowering Diverse Human Resources

The OPEN HOUSE Group works to create environments that enable diverse human resources to fully exhibit their abilities and increase productivity.
We accordingly promote work-style reforms to achieve our ideals with respect to developing a robust organization that enhances motivation of every employee and in which employees and OPEN HOUSE join forces in helping bring about their mutual growth. We will carry out work-style reforms by systemic reform and utilization of information technology, and will take steps to reduce work hours and streamline operations in a manner complying with relevant laws and regulations.
Underpinned by our Corporate Philosophy stating that we will “attract a wide range of motivated people and create an organization that rewards results,” we respect the human rights of each and every one of our employees while accordingly striving to create an organization that draws on its diversity in a manner irrespective of gender, age, nationality and other such individual attributes, and striving to create employee-friendly workplace environments. In 2013, Open House Co., Ltd. established the Diversity Committee, which considers issues and facilitates ongoing dialogue between employees and OPEN HOUSE, upon having positioned the notion of promoting diversity as one of our key management strategies.
Going forward, we aim to serve as a real estate company needed by society, which will involve generating competitive strengths based on action guidelines in accordance with our Corporate Principles.

Policy for promoting work-style reforms

Streamlining operations through in-house IT systems

The OPEN HOUSE Group’s ongoing growth amid an ever-changing business environment is partially attributable to its sense of urgency and ability to take action. We have coped with escalating workloads brought about by increasing business performance by developing a proprietary IT system that reduces and digitizes time-consuming and labor-intensive analog work unique to the real estate industry. Going forward, we will build upon our track record of accomplishments in streamlining operations and enhance our strengths under the leadership of our IT Division.

Our IT Division received an IT Award

In November 2020, our IT Division received the 38th IT Award (2020, management category) sponsored by the Japan Institute of Information Technology. The award was granted in recognition of our efforts to build an IT organization for engaging in in-house development for the sake of facilitating the Developers’ eXperience (DX)* approach, whereby in-house engineers provide solutions by developing in-house systems upon having been directly told about on-site issues.

* The Developers’ eXperience (DX) approach results in greater end-user satisfaction given a situation where our engineers are aware of how they contribute to outcomes through their tasks of developing and maintaining computer systems.

Recruitment of outstanding talent worldwide

Outstanding professionals recruited worldwide play an active role in our IT Division. We have employed diverse human resources as a result of efforts to extensively seek professionals equipped both with English-language proficiency and IT expertise, which is crucial when it comes to developing our in-house computer systems. Going forward, we will persist with efforts to strengthen our IT infrastructure by flexibly incorporating advanced information technologies, while continuing to employ work-ready talent irrespective of nationality or background.

Efforts to develop proprietary IT systems spearheaded by our in-house engineers

Our IT Division has succeeded in striking a balance between cost-cutting and convenience, drawing on its approximately 100 different computer systems, applications and other tools that have been developed in-house with the aim of addressing business challenges.
Our primary computer systems developed in-house are as follows.

Automatic retrieval of property-related documentation using robotic process automation (RPA)

Our RPA-based system automatically collects maps, certified copies and other such property-related information required for brokerage and purchasing operations from in-house and external systems using robotics technologies. This enables representatives of such operations to gain access to the information they need from an external location within a few minutes of simply sending a robot brief details using a smartphone.

System for automated demarcation of building lots

In order to automate the task of demarcating land when considering purchasing it, we developed a system that suggests optimally demarcated boundaries while adhering to complex construction rules. This system helps us significantly reduce workflow by enabling us to automatically prepare plans that adhere to constraints imposed on respective properties.

System for organizing and storing property-related information

This system functions simply by scanning documents with QR-code sheets therebetween. In the single-family homes related business, we supply more than 8,000 properties annually. It used to take us about 60 minutes per property to complete the task of page-by-page scanning, organizing, sorting and storing all of the documents associated with a single property. The new system enables us to complete such tasks in only five minutes. As such, we expect to reduce workload by about 8,000 hours annually as a result.

Promoting Women's Empowerment

Positioning Promoting Women's Empowerment as one of the key issues, we will promote the development of an environment in which women continue to work, such as a balance support system, and promote the active participation of women by increasing the number of women in managerial positions.

Declaring Promoting Women's Empowerment

Based on our group-wide Corporate Philosophy, we have positioned Promoting Women's Empowerment as a key issue for securing diverse human resources and exercising our capabilities. We have set quantitative targets and activity plans and are promoting various measures accordingly.
In order to respond flexibly to diversifying customer needs and social issues in the future, Promoting Women's Empowerment aims to become an innovative, comprehensive real estate company that is needed by society, in which each employee is fairly evaluated regardless of gender or changes in life stages.

Masaaki Arai, President & CEO

Promoting Women's Empowerment System

In order to secure diverse human resources and demonstrate our capabilities, Promoting Women's Empowerment is positioned as a key issue, and we are promoting various measures based on quantitative targets and activity plans.
In order to flexibly adapt to diversifying customer needs and social issues in the future, we will continue to aim to become a comprehensive real estate company that is needed by society, where each employee is fairly evaluated regardless of changes in gender or life stage.

Promoting Women's Empowerment policy

Our goal is to create a attract a wide range of motivated people and create an organization that rewards results under Corporate Philosophy.
To realize this goal, Talent Development believes that it is crucial that motivating and capable employees with a wide variety of experiences, values, and skills be able to create a working environment that maximizes the performance of each and every employee.

Promoting Women's Empowerment Structure

Under the commitment of the representative director, Promoting Women's Empowerment Group has been established within the Human Resources Department, and a system has been put in place to directly accept the opinions of female employees.
Promoting Women's Empowerment Group plans, supports, and implements Initiatives to create a comfortable working environment for women.
The status of Promoting Women's Empowerment and its significant Initiatives are reported regularly to the President and CEO and other members of management.

System chart

Initiatives to Promoting Women's Empowerment

By category

PlanningFormulation of action programs・Publication of action plans based on the Act on Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace and the Act on Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children
Support for compatibility and flexible working arrangements・OPEN Career Design System, a balancing support system that allows employees to change working hours and annual holidays
・Cost subsidies through baby-sitting allowances and early return support allowances
Newly establishment of LDH holiday・Encourage employees to take feminine leave by making the name "LDH(Life Design Holiday leave" available.
Assistance SupportIntroduction of kits for maternity leave, childcare leave, and return-to-home・To explain maternity leave and distribute kits containing various application procedures
Introduction of WORK STYLE BOOK・Distribution of pamphlets summarizing systems for women to continue their careers after childbirth
Cost subsidy for gynecology examinations・30 Subsidization of part of the cost of gynecology option testing for female employees aged and older
In-house community for Mama・Provision of a platform for exchanging information among child-rearing employees
Practical ActivitiesWomen's initiative & work trainin・Reform the awareness of the organization by implementing training for each division and career
In-house exchange events・Holding information exchange meetings for employees on childcare leave and holding career discussions for employees raising children

Case study

  • ・We are working to resolve concerns during maternity leave by distributingthe Work Style Book,which introduces support and support systems for balancing work, and the Care Kit, which is distributed during prenatal interviews, to promote understanding of the system.

  • ・Introduced OPEN Career Design System to realize flexible working styles according to life stages.
    ・We are enhancing our support system through such measures as shorter work hours of two hours and changes in the number of annual holidays.

  • ・Mama Career Discussion
    ・Information exchange meeting for employees raising children

  • Training for managers
    ・Conducted educational activities to promote understanding of women's specific health issues among management as part of the training

Target setting

Aiming to create a comfortable working environment for all employees, we have formulated action plans and set targets based on The Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace and Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children, and are working to achieve them.
Targets are set for indicators such as the ratio of female managers, and progress is managed.
To increase the percentage of female managers, we also closely monitor the number of middle managers (equivalent to subsection managers). We are hiring mid-career female managers and candidates for managerial positions, holding career discussion training for women to create promising stocks in the future, and regularly working to strengthen collaboration with senior management.

ratio of female managerChildcare leave return rate

Percentage of female managers (total of 3 major companies)

Percentage of female managers

Human Resources Data related to Women's Empowerment

* Target companies: Open House Group Co., Ltd., Open House Co., Ltd., and Open House Development Co., Ltd.

EmploymentNumber of full-time employees(※1)Total20262249
Percentage of female22.7%24.3%
Average length of serviceMale3.763.94
RectuirmentNo. of new graduate employeeTotal280249
Percentage of female30.4%23.6%
No. of mid-career recruitsTotal462540
Percentage of female36.4%32.4%
Managerial staffNo. of managerial staffTotal290343
Percentage of female5.9%7.0%
No. of section managersTotal169214
Percentage of female7.1%8.9%
No. of employees taking childcare leaveTotal4369
Male childcare leave(※2)Percentage of employees taking childcare leave17.7%13.8%
Average number of days of childcare leave taken1.433.92

※1 Number of full-time employees is infinite, excluding contract employees
※2 Male childcare leave includes leave for childcare purposes under the Child Care and Family Care Leave Law (our "Spouse Maternity Leave (Special Leave)")

Female career discussion

With the aim of deepening the learning of how to deal with issues and concerns in career development, we provide opportunities for female employees to exchange opinions with each other in an open manner beyond their respective departments.

Promoting Employment of Persons with Disabilities

Our Group respects the human rights of employees with disabilities and aims to create a comfortable workplace that takes advantage of diversity.
In cooperation with each department within the Group, we are working to create a workplace where employees can work by making the most of their own abilities, regardless of whether they have disabilities or not, while giving due consideration to the need for various people to work together.
In April 2021, our group received certification under The workforce calculation exception for corporate groups* in recognition of our achievements in hiring people with disabilities.
We will not only fulfill our social responsibility of providing opportunities for the disabled to work, but will also actively work to create an environment in which employees can work for a long time with satisfaction. In this way, we will work to expand the employment of the disabled.

* The workforce calculation exception for corporate groups: In calculating the employment rate of persons with disabilities, if the parent company appoints persons with disabilities to promote employment, and the affiliated subsidiaries satisfy such requirements as being able to appropriately manage the employment of persons with disabilities, a system that enables multiple subsidiaries to calculate the actual employment rate even if there are no special subsidiaries.
Target: We and our subsidiaries (13 companies below)
Open House Co., Ltd., Open House Development Co., Ltd., Open House Architect Co., Ltd., HAWK ONE CORPORATION, PRESSANCE CORPORATION CO., Ltd., Open House Real Estate Co., Ltd., Open House Property Management Co., Ltd., IB Net Co., Ltd., Ouchi Link Co., Ltd. Open House Real Estate Investment Adviser Co., Ltd., Open House Gunma Co., Ltd., Gunma Probasketball Commission Co., Ltd., PLUS D Inc.

Percentage of employees with disabilities

In June 2022, the number of employees with disabilities exceeded 85 for the Group as a whole, achieving an employment rate of 2.45%.
(Statutory employment rate of people with disabilities: 2.3% as stipulated in Disabled Persons Employment Promotion Act)
Trend in the ratio of disabled employees

Employment rate of persons with disabilities

Employment rate of persons with disabilities2.12%2.13%2.20%2.45%

Work that takes the characteristics of disabled into consideration

We have a Corporate Philosophy of "Attract a wide range of motivated people and create an organization that rewards results."
We have created an environment in which highly aspiring members can play an active role, not only with or without disabilities, but also with age, gender, and past experience.
We are working to increase the discretion of members by accumulating examples of successful business transfers in order to ensure that all employees are motivated to perform their duties.
This type of Initiatives that encourages physically challenged members to work with satisfaction, based on appropriate support, not only leads to job security, but also contributes to improving operational efficiency within the Group.

About the Operations Center

For people with disabilities, they may feel that work in the normal office environment is severe, and they may be forced to abandon their continued employment.
To resolve these problems, we have established offices in Hachioji City, Yokohama City, and Kashiwa City as operation centers. In addition to giving consideration to facilities such as barrier-free (eliminating steps, etc.), rest spaces, interview rooms, and multi-purpose toilets, we have also introduced regular interviews and business support by a total of four full-time supporters, as well as a half-day work exemption system for regular hospital visits.
We are also actively working to develop our environment and systems so that our diverse human resources can demonstrate stable performance.

Publication of Our Group Case Studies by the Government

Initiatives for the hiring of people with disabilities, which is part of our Promoting Diversity, has been evaluated by the government and local governments as follows.
We will continue to actively employ people with disabilities and promote the creation of a comfortable workplace for all employees.

Chiba Prefecture "Smile Face Full! Friendly Office" (Excellent Business Office for the Employment of the Physically Challenged in Chiba Prefecture)

We have been certified as a company or business office that actively employs persons with disabilities and strives to create a workplace where both persons with and without disabilities can work comfortably.

Yokohama City "Introduction of Good Case Studies for Employing People with Disabilities"

We introduced how corporations that employ people with disabilities create a comfortable working environment as a good example of their innovations and efforts.