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Corporate Philosophy

The OPEN HOUSE Group aims to

  • ・Remain committed to pursuing "Houses that customers want" honestly and constantly.
  • ・Attract a wide range of motivated people and create an organization that rewards results.
  • ・Increase performance and expand the scale of our business, and be a real estate company needed by society.

Corporate Principles

  • 01All decisions are made by customers

    The key point is not how much we think about our customers, but rather how our customers feel in response to our actions. We also believe that the survival of our company is dependent on earning the support of customers.

  • 02Satisfy ever-changing needs

    We do not rely on our past success, established position or company brand. With our fundamental approach of always listening sincerely to our customers serving as a compass, we aim to be an honest company that works with humble dedication.

  • 03Work with integrity and passion

    As our customers’ partner in their search for a house, which is a significant life event, we will sincerely work with our customers and continue to be a company that shares in their joys and concerns related to housing.

  • 04Work quickly while remaining agile

    Your passion for any work is at its peak the moment you decide to do the work and then gradually fades over time. We believe that wasting time causes a loss of passion, leads to a loss of communication and, as a result, is directly linked to a loss in results. Therefore, we will continue to be persons and an organization that “strike while the iron is hot.”

  • 05Provide many opportunities for highly motivated employees

    Even if people appear to be equal on the surface, it is not easy to change the environment or circumstances in which we were born. In addition, it is the nature of society that there is a correlation between that environment or circumstances and inequality. Without being bound by unfair restrictions in society, the OPEN HOUSE Group guarantees equal opportunities to tackle new challenges again and again for those who simply continue to work hard, and strives to create an environment that brings out the human potential that everyone possesses.

  • 06Create a bright and positive organization

    Each and every employee has a bright and positive mindset for tackling any challenge and responding to the needs and requests of our customers. By making our customers happy, we will grow our business. In addition, despite the uncertain outlook for the stagnating Japanese economy, we always aim to be a company that is growing and helps to energize our entire society.

  • 07Earn profits through fair means and contribute to society by paying taxes

    We thoroughly eliminate any impropriety, and compete fairly and openly in a business world that provides equal opportunities to all. In addition, by promoting the redistribution of profits we earn to society through appropriate tax payments, we contribute to the creation of a society that provides equal opportunities.

  • 08Aim to be an innovative and comprehensive real estate company

    By providing services and products that bring joy to our customers and are chosen for being well suited to the markets, we would like to become a company that serves as a catalyst for bringing the initiative in real estate, which is heavily influenced by real estate companies, closer to customers.