Respecting Human Rights

Approach to Respecting Human Rights

The OPEN HOUSE Group is keenly aware both of the social responsibility associated with our business activities and of our contribution to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As such, the OPEN HOUSE Group accordingly promotes initiatives through our business activities to address issues involving the environment, society, and governance (ESG).
Meanwhile, the OPEN HOUSE Group provides products and services to our customers through efforts that involve working with numerous stakeholders. We will accordingly work to promote respect for human rights, recognizing that the OPEN HOUSE Group’s business activities may affect human rights with respect to our employees and various other stakeholders throughout our value chain.

In addition, we explicitly stipulate respect for human rights in our Employee Code of Conduct, which serves as action guidelines that are to be followed by all employees and officers of the OPEN HOUSE Group.

Employee Education

The OPEN HOUSE Group carries out education and training on our Corporate Philosophy, Corporate Principles, and Employee Code of Conduct on a quarterly basis, and also covers respect for human rights as part of our education and training.
Moreover, our efforts to promote compliance also involve striving to pinpoint risks and challenges related to human rights particularly with respect to concerns involving harassment and the work environment, which entails actively implementing compliance interviews of our employees. We also raise employee awareness regarding respect for human rights.

Preventing Harassment

At the OPEN HOUSE Group, we will not tolerate any form of harassment whatsoever on the job, whether power harassment, sexual harassment or otherwise, given that we regard harassment in the workplace as unacceptable behavior that is dehumanizing and degrades the dignity of others, and furthermore debases the workplace environment.
We make our stance of not tolerating power harassment explicitly clear, having drawn up Guidelines for Preventing Power Harassment in addition to remaining fully committed to preventing various forms of harassment under our Employee Code of Conduct, which serves as action guidelines to be observed by all of our employees. Employees in our workplace as well as our customers and business partners are subject to our prohibition against power harassment.
In addition, as a measure for preventing harassment in the workplace, we strive to foster awareness in-house by carrying out harassment awareness training during the training sessions held for employees who are promoted to a manager.

Labor-Management Dialogue

Although labor unions have not been formed within the OPEN HOUSE Group, we maintain stable labor-management relations. Furthermore, we engage in labor-management dialogues annually through worker representatives.

Consultation and Reporting Hotline

Based on the Whistleblower Protection Act, the OPEN HOUSE Group has established a compliance hotline for consultations and reports from our employees and business partners. Representatives of the OPEN HOUSE Group or third-party organizations receive consultations and reports provided by the OPEN HOUSE Group’s employees and business partners.
The compliance hotline is also available as a hotline for consultation and reporting on human rights concerns such as issues related to harassment and the work environment.