Promoting Sustainability

Views on Sustainability

The OPEN HOUSE Group promotes sustainability aiming to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society through our business activities while achieving sustainable corporate growth.

As stated in our corporate philosophy, the Group has been pursuing houses that customers want honestly and constantly, while working on our business with the mission of “leaving a Japan for the next generation where working people can afford houses in urban areas.”

By providing affordable housing in urban areas, we aim to fulfill needs for both social and business value by creating shared value.
In addition, the Group is keenly aware of the social responsibility associated with our business activities and our contributions toward achieving SDGs, and we are promoting initiatives through our business activities for issues related to ESG (environment, social and governance).

Material Issues

There are a wide variety of issues related to ESG (environment, social and governance) that involve the Group. However, among those, the Group has identified the following six material issues as important issues that the Group should especially focus on in our efforts.

When identifying material issues, we refer to various sources of information, such as GRI (Global Reporting Initiative), ISO26000 and SDGs, and include the opinions of shareholders, investors and other external stakeholders, as well as external consultants and experts.

ESGMaterial IssuesRelevant SDGs
EnvironmentEnvironmental conservation
SocialProduct safety and security,
and customer satisfaction
Talent development
Work-style reforms
Supply chain management

Promotion Organization

The Group has established the Sustainability Committee, which operates under the oversight of the Board of Directors, manages the progress of our response to ESG risks by materiality item and collects information on initiatives from individual operating divisions and Group companies.
The progress and results are reported to the Sustainability Committee and important subjects discussed at this committee are regularly reported to the Board of Directors.

Relationship with Stakeholders

Our business is made possible through the involvement of a wide range of stakeholders including our customers, shareholders, local communities, governmental and administrative agencies, business partners, and officers and employees. Because our business activities centered on home building involve many stakeholders, we believe that building a relationship of trust with those stakeholders is important in promoting sustainability.
Our relationship with the customers who live in the homes we sold and with stakeholders in the local communities is particularly strong in terms of building a sustainable society together. Creating opportunities for dialogue and reflecting that dialogue in our business activities is essential in realizing our goal for creating shared value (CSV) of “providing the houses that customers want.”
Furthermore, “Appropriate Cooperation with Stakeholders Other Than Shareholders” and “Dialogue with Shareholders” are parts of the basic principles of the Tokyo Stock Exchange’s “Corporate Governance Code.” As such, we hold dialogue in various formats with stakeholders and promote multiple initiatives to reflect those opinions in our management.

StakeholdersMain opportunities for dialogueRelevant themes
Customers・Conducting the NPS questionnaire*
・Establishing the Customer Service Office
・Communication through sales activities
・OPEN HOUSE Group’s CSV goal of “providing the houses that customers want”
・Initiatives to promote customer satisfaction
Communities and society・Cooperation with administrative agencies, local governments, and NPOs
・Social contribution activities
・Products That Contribute to Solving Social Issues
・Social Contributions
・Regional Co-creation Projects
Employees・Communication through human resource evaluations
・Dialogue through compliance questionnaires, etc.
・Talent Development
・Work-Style Reforms and Promoting Diversity
・Health and Safety
Business partners・Communication through operations
・Communication through procurement
・Holding various workshops
・Distributing sustainability guidelines to our business partners
・Health and Safety
・Supply Chain Management
Shareholders and investors・Consolidated financial results briefings
・Meetings with institutional investors
・Communication using IR-related tools
・Shareholder returns
・Enhancing corporate value

* NPS is an abbreviation for “Net Promoter Score.” This is one indicator to measure “customer loyalty,” the level of customer affinity for companies, products, or services.

ESG Information Disclosure

Information on the Group’s initiatives for ESGs is disclosed on this website in a timely and appropriate manner. When disclosing information, we refer to various sources of information, such as GRI (Global Reporting Initiative), and ISO26000, SDGs and other external guidelines, include the opinions of shareholders, investors and other external stakeholders, as well as external consultants and experts, and strive to respond appropriately to the demands of society and to improve transparency.

Furthermore, we have prepared the ESG Information Index for ESG investors and ESG rating organizations. The Group discloses comprehensive information corresponding to ESG ratings from MSCI, FTSE and other organizations.

Comprehensive list of the Group’s ESG information