Talent Development and Labor Practices

Building Labor-Management Relations

The OPEN HOUSE Group stipulates the Human Rights Policy and Employee Code of Conduct in accordance with various laws and regulations with the aim of appropriately building labor-management relations. We aspire to build ideal labor-management relations by protecting the human rights of our employees and by facilitating development of environments where employees are able to take action while correctly understanding human rights and labor issues.
In addition, we strive to prevent various forms of harassment by engaging in initiatives that include carrying out harassment awareness training in the course of holding manager training sessions and establishing consultation hotlines both in-house and externally. We also continuously facilitate understanding and awareness of human rights, particularly at our company-wide morning assemblies where management regularly disseminates information in-house on preventing harassment.

Approach to Human Resources

The OPEN HOUSE Group regards its human resources as its most important business asset. It accordingly focuses on maintaining and acquiring outstanding talent while also continuously carrying out education and training programs geared to developing the skills of its employees. With our aim to “attract a wide range of motivated people and create an organization that rewards results” as cited under our Corporate Philosophy, we accordingly promote employees irrespective of their age and other such considerations, and furthermore strive to develop professionals who will serve as our driving force for business growth and who are poised to assume responsibility as management in the future.

Performance Evaluation Systems and Compensation Plans

The OPEN HOUSE Group has established personnel systems set up to furnish rewards and opportunities for promotion in a manner duly valuing employees who have achieved successful outcomes irrespective of their particular year of employment. Meanwhile, ever since our founding we have painstakingly acted to ensure that our performance evaluation systems are fair. We accordingly evaluate employees in a highly transparent and impartial manner, having devised quantitative means of evaluating employee results and achievements even with respect to those other than sales representatives.

Empowering young employees

We comply with minimum wage regulations at all of our business locations, and to pay wages that are adapted to trends of wage increases in countries around the world in addition to consideration for living wages.
We have established “Attract a wide range of motivated people and create an organization that rewards results” as part of our corporate philosophy. To identify potential in our young employees, we are creating an environment that empowers young personnel through incentives including increased wages.

Trends in starting salary for new graduate employees

(Open House Group Co.,LTD. Open House Co., Ltd. Open House Development Co., Ltd.)

Starting salary270,000yen300,000yen 300,000yen330,000yen

Supporting Talent Development and Skill Development

The OPEN HOUSE Group develops human resources in line with our Corporate Philosophy and Corporate Principles. We accordingly emphasize the notion of fostering a positive attitude toward work and honing the ability to take action, above and beyond skills. We also maintain a robust organizational culture created as a result of consistently developing shared values, while also maintaining the capacity for taking a thorough approach to work, which is firmly rooted in each and every employee. This, we believe, underpins the strengths of the OPEN HOUSE Group organization.
The notion of developing leaders and managers for the next generation serves as a pillar of our talent development efforts over the medium to long term. We assign outstanding talent to certain positions at an early stage and furthermore provide such individuals with opportunities for growth by exposing them to managerial experience and having them engage in new career missions.

OPEN HOUSE talent development programs

The OPEN HOUSE Group provides support for skills enhancement through helping employees gain various qualifications.
We provide training according to a stage-based approach geared to years of employment and employment grade, thereby working to improve each and every employee’s attitude toward work and their productivity, while also providing environments that strike a balance between corporate growth and growth of individual employees.

Promoting in-house communications

To ensure that all employees including new employees can understand the direction of the OPEN HOUSE Group, we are striving to create an environment in which talent development can be conducted throughout the entire Group.
In addition, we also seek to provide fair opportunities regardless of an employee’s age or position. To such ends, we arrange opportunities for each and every employee to engage in dialogue directly with top management, particularly through forums that include weekly morning assemblies for all employees (including those held remotely) as well as a training course reflecting our founder carried out by the founder himself, our President & CEO, for the sake of new employees in their first year on the job.

Questionnaires administered after in-house training

The OPEN HOUSE Group administers post-training questionnaires in order to gain a better understanding of training participants and in order to improve the content of the training. We furthermore strive to improve training content drawing on feedback from training participants.

Financial incentive scheme for acquisition of qualifications

The OPEN HOUSE Group has set up a financial incentive scheme to encourage employees to gain qualifications. Employees who gain one of the company-specified qualifications are eligible for a predetermined amount of financial incentive of up to 1 million yen (approx. $9,000). We also cover fees for renewal of qualifications deemed necessary by the OPEN HOUSE Group for business operations.
The following are examples of qualifications applicable for the incentive scheme.

First-Class ArchitectSecond-Class ArchitectHousing Loan Advisor
Real Estate AppraiserBuilding Works Execution Managing Engineer (First Class)Building Works Execution Managing Engineer (Second Class)
Certified Tax AccountantCivil Engineering Works Execution Managing Engineer (First Class)Civil Engineering Works Execution Managing Engineer (Second Class)
Affiliated Financial Planner (AFP) and Certified Financial Planner (CFP)Color Coordinator (First Class)The Official Business Skills Test in Bookkeeping 1st Grade
The Official Business Skills Test in Bookkeeping 2nd GradeSecretarial Skill Proficiency Test (First Class)Secretarial Skill Proficiency Test (Pre-first Class)
First-Class ArchitectSecond-Class Architect
Housing Loan AdvisorReal Estate Appraiser
Building Works Execution Managing Engineer (First Class)Building Works Execution Managing Engineer (Second Class)
Certified Tax AccountantCivil Engineering Works Execution Managing Engineer (First Class)
Civil Engineering Works Execution Managing Engineer (Second Class)Affiliated Financial Planner (AFP) and Certified Financial Planner (CFP)
Color Coordinator (First Class)The Official Business Skills Test in Bookkeeping 1st Grade
he Official Business Skills Test in Bookkeeping 2nd GradeSecretarial Skill Proficiency Test (First Class)
Secretarial Skill Proficiency Test (Pre-first Class)

Career Professional Program

To support both childcare and the careers of our employees, the OPEN HOUSE Group has set up its own flexible employment scheme, thereby making it easier for employees to engage in work.

We have set up two separate shifts that provide for flexible scheduling with respect to starting and ending hours so that employees are able to set work taking into account daycare center drop-off and pick-up times. Employees raising children and those who are pregnant are able to take advantage of the employment scheme, per company approval.

Fringe Benefit Plan

The OPEN HOUSE Group offers various fringe benefit plan options arranged to achieve greater employee satisfaction and more abundance for their families. We have adopted our own unique options relevant to the OPEN HOUSE Group’s businesses, such that include enrollment in defined contribution plans, enrollment in comprehensive welfare group term insurance paid for by OPEN HOUSE, employee stock ownership plans, and congratulatory payment for childbirth.

Employment at Business Locations in Japan

Based on the concept of human resources described above, the OPEN HOUSE Group has established hiring departments and is actively engaged in new graduate and mid-career hiring activities at all of its bases other than the Tokyo metropolitan area where its head office is located.
In addition,our Group's Regional co-creation Project, which is mainly undertaken in rural areas, contributes to job creation associated with new businesses in the region and to the maintenance of local jobs through business revitalization projects.
Through active employment at these bases, we aim to secure excellent human resources and contribute to the revitalization of local communities and the creation of economic benefits.

Human Resources Data

(Oct. 2017 to Sep. 2018)
(Oct. 2018 to Sep. 2019)
(Oct. 2019 to Sep. 2020)
(Oct. 2020 to Sep. 2021)
(Oct. 2021 to Sep. 2022)
No. of employees
Permanent employees
(Non-permanent employees)
Percentage of female16.2%20.6%22.0%25.6%26.7%
No. of new graduate employeesTotal262298278399461
New graduate employee turnover rate*13-year cumulative total32.2%27.5%33.3%32.43%45.4%
Percentage of femaleNew graduate employees15.3%30.5%29.1%31.1%27.7%
Mid-career recruits17.4%22.5%24.3%29.9%29.1%
Percentage of female managerial staff membersManagerial staff7.1%6.5%7.3%7.7%6.5%
No. of older employees*23031262723
No. of foreign national employees*32133344464
Percentage of employees with disabilities*32.2%2.2%2.2%2.2%2.5%
Percentage of annual paid leave taken*314.6%42.3%56.2%51.0%61.7%
No. of employees taking childcare leave1310212245
No. of employees taking nursing care leave20000
Percentage of employees undergoing annual physical examinations*484.7%92.0%74.8%85.6%99.6%
Percentage of employees undergoing stress assessments*4100.0%98.0%99.9%99.2%92.0%
Hours of training*5Total hours 44,733 hours40,387 hours73,006 hours140,501 hours*6
Per employee26 hours22 hours21 hours31 hours

*1. Turnover rate of new graduates of each year as of April 1, three years from now

*2. :Number of elderly employees includes temporary employees

*3. Before September 2020: Open House Group Co.,LTD. CORPORATION, Open House Co., Ltd. CORPORATION, Open House Development Co., Ltd. CORPORATION, Open House Architect Co., Ltd. CORPORATION, HAWK ONE CORPORATION CORPORATION
September 2021: In addition to prior to September 2020, Pressance Corporation Co., Ltd. (Reflected from data for the fiscal year ended September 2021 due to the consolidation of subsidiaries in January 2021)

*4. The number of employees unavoidably unable to undergo medical examinations (the number of employees absent due to childcare leave, sickness or injury, etc.) is excluded.

*5. Before September 2020: Open House Group Co.,LTD. CORPORATION, Open House Co., Ltd. CORPORATION, Open House Development Co., Ltd. CORPORATION
September 2021: Open House Architect Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd., HAWK ONE CORPORATION Co., Ltd., in addition to prior to September 2020

*6. Increased due to strengthened implementation of compliance training