Supply Chain Management

Approach to Supply Chain Management

Based on its “Basic Policy on Responsible Procurement,” the OPEN HOUSE Group creates value through collaboration with many business partners and provides products and services to our customers.
With an awareness that a focus on sustainability is required not only in our business, but also at the supplier stage, we exercise appropriate influence in supply chain management and work to reduce the environmental impact at the supplier stage.
Furthermore, with the goal of appropriate supply chain management in line with the material issues, we have formulated the “OPEN HOUSE Group’s Business Partner Sustainability Guidelines,” and by distributing the Guidelines to each of our business partners, we create understanding of the Guidelines and compliance in implementation.
Through supply chain management, we streamline and optimize the flow of goods. Additionally, based on thorough legal and regulatory compliance, we work to respect the global environment and the human rights of workers, aiming to contribute to the global community.

Furthermore, aiming to create a sound supply chain, in the Group’s “Employee Code of Conduct,” guidelines are established mainly for fair transaction activities and competition, the prohibition of conflicts of interest, and the prohibition of involvement with antisocial forces.

Consultation and Reporting Hotline

Based on the Whistleblower Protection Act, we have established a compliance hotline for consultations and reports from our employees and business partners. Through this hotline, we are strengthening a fair, open transaction environment that complies with related laws and regulations, aiming to establish relationships of trust and mutual development between OPEN HOUSE and our business partners.
Representatives of the OPEN HOUSE Group or third-party organizations receive consultations and reports provided by the OPEN HOUSE Group’s business partners.
Furthermore, reports from business partners of our subsidiaries are received by the parent company, Open House Co., Ltd., as well.

Types of consultations and reports received

Legal violations and regulatory violations, such as abuse of a dominant bargaining position, and violations of the Act against Delay in Payment of Subcontract Proceeds, Etc. to Subcontractors, or suspicion of such by OPEN HOUSE its employees. Specifically, we receive consultations and reports on the following types of situations.
・Demands for economic benefits such as entertainment and gift-giving from OPEN HOUSE’s employees.
・Bad-faith treatment of business partners, including verbal abuse, harassment, and revenge