Health and Safety

Approach to Health and Safety

The OPEN HOUSE Group believes companies play significant roles in protecting the health and safety of their stakeholders in Japan given social issues the nation faces with respect to its insufficient working population.
We are well aware that on-site safety and employee health are critical in terms of enabling growth of our businesses, and accordingly strive to fortify and operate our management framework in a manner that aligns with the social landscape, underpinned by our compliance with the various laws and regulations.
The Health and Safety Committee handles construction site safety management at Open House Development, which oversees our construction business. We furthermore ensure that potentially fatal calamities and accidents are reported to the Board of Directors, that the Health and Safety Committee and various subcontractors hold meetings to pursue causes of such incidents and discuss measures to prevent recurrence, and that employees and partner companies are fully notified of such incidents.
When it comes to employee health, we established a new department dedicated to that aim and assigned its members to each of our business divisions in 2021, thereby properly checking on their working conditions and striving to ensure that our employees maintain their health.

OPEN HOUSE Group’s Health and Safety Policy

Across all of our workplaces we strive to improve work environments and aspire to achieve a track record of zero accidents or other calamities underpinned by the notion of “health and safety are top priority” serving as the basis of our health and safety management. We will furthermore persist in developing healthy workplaces that provide positive and rewarding environments with the aim of maintaining and improving the health of every employee through the following initiatives.


We will actively provide health and safety training to employees while striving to further our health and safety management efforts in compliance with health and safety laws and regulations, and in-house standards.


We will prevent occupational accidents through risk assessment tailored to eliminating even relatively minor hazards.


We will help our employees maintain and improve their mental health by actively promoting mental health care.


We will hold Health and Safety Committee meetings and establish a support framework with respect to both the mental and physical health of our employees enlisting occupational health physicians.


We will be committed to taking action toward preventing unforeseen accidents in order to create safe working environments.


We will improve safety levels by informing everyone serving at our workplaces of their obligations with respect to labor health and safety, in conjunction with our partner companies.

Health and Safety System

We have established a Health and Safety Committee in which managing executives serve as overall health and safety supervisors. The committee holds monthly health and safety meetings. Employee representatives from each operating division attend the meetings, in which information is shared and opinions exchanged with external experts including industrial physicians and certified insurance and labor consultants.
Furthermore, we carry out the following types of initiatives throughout the year for employees and partner companies at our construction sites. To ensure zero accidents at our construction sites, we create opportunities to ensure continued, safe business activities together with our partner companies.

Initiatives for Ensuring Construction Site Safety*

Initiatives involving the supply chain (partner companies)

General meetingSafety conferences and lectures by expertsEstablish initiatives to instill health and safety awarenessOnce annually
During National Safety Week
Partner companies
Approx. 1,000 companies
Participation options depend on a respective craftsman’s region and occupation
Regional committeeOn-site tours and theme-based discussionsDevelop shared awareness with partner companies regarding on-site safety management and occupational accident preventionTwice annually in each of three locations
SubcommitteeChecking of work manuals and safety trainingDevelop shared awareness with partner companies regarding on-site safety management and occupational accident preventionTen occupations in each of three locations
Carpenters’ meetingOn-site safety and etiquette training course, etc. for carpenter contractorsHeighten awareness of on-site occupational accident prevention and safetyTwice annually in each of three locations
Support for skills training course for partner companiesWorkshops for on-site safety and skills improvement, etc.Support obtaining qualifications necessary for performing work to ensure on-site safety Held 14 times in 2020 Total of 380 participants in FY2020

In-house initiatives

Safety patrolsOur departments in charge of safety management confirm status of on-site health and safety management using check sheetsAchieve thorough on-site health and safety managementWithin two weeks from building’s framework completionAll sites
Safety education for new employeesLectures based on our proprietary curriculum and exams to check levels of retention (participants must pass the exams before being allowed to visit work sites)Acquire skills and knowledge required as a site supervisorOnce per week (three to six months, depending on the individual) New graduate recruits
Mid-career recruits
Regular study sessions for site supervisorsStudy sessions for site supervisors of each construction zone and sharing details of on-site scenariosDevelop greater knowledge and share details of problematic scenariosOnce per month in each locationSite supervisors
Lifesaving trainingSkills training for lifesaving care and first aid for adultsKnowledge acquisition for emergency first aid measuresOnce annuallyEach location representative

* Single-family homes related business of Open House Development
Certain initiatives have been canceled in view of the situation regarding COVID-19.

Monitoring of Safety Management

At OPEN HOUSE Development, we conduct risk assessments of work safety when formulating our annual health and safety management plan and during our risk prediction activities at our construction sites. By introducing safety patrols and checklists summarizing guidance items, we work to recognize the risks inherent in our work ahead of time. We also consider the possibility of occurrence and level of the impact for each risk and implement our construction site safety measures to prevent accidents before they occur.

Employee Health Initiatives

We believe that maintaining and improving the health of our employees contributes to improved organizational energy and productivity.
Through our health management promotional system led by the President & CEO, we strive to create an environment in which our employees can continuously work in good health as part of our corporate social responsibility.

Establishing the Mental Healthcare Help Desk

In December 2021, we established the Mental Healthcare Help Desk to maintain and improve the health of our employees.
This help desk provides consultations from clinical and licensed psychologists. It also coordinates with internal and external relevant departments and other help desks to support those responsible for management oversight and to implement employee mental health measures.
As one of our corporate social responsibilities, we strive to create an environment in which our employees can continuously work in good health.

Health and safety training sessions

We hold health and safety training sessions for our employees. In December 2021, 26 employees participated in the health and safety training sessions. Through our internal system, all employees are able to view the contents of the training sessions.

Training session information

PeriodNumber of participants
December 202126

Recommending physical examinations and stress assessment consultations

Our employees are eligible for annual physical examinations and stress assessments.
We have established a support framework with respect to both the mental and physical health of our employees, designed to ensure that employees incur minimal cost. To such ends, we make all of the reservations and send out individual notifications urging employees to undergo physical examinations, and we also carry out stress assessments via smartphones.

Employees undergoing physical examinations201820192020
Employees undergoing physical examinations84.7%92.0%
Employees undergoing stress assessments100.0%98.0%

Influenza vaccinations

We offer all of our employees influenza vaccinations at no cost and send them notification urging them to get such vaccinations. Furthermore, we offer influenza vaccinations every year on-site at our major business offices. We have accordingly established an environment where such vaccinations are available to employees at their discretion.

Online health support

We have introduced an online occupational health physician consultation scheme that enables employees to seek consultation with such healthcare professionals virtually.
Amid a scenario where there has been a drastic increase in our number of business locations and employees as a result of rapid growth of the OPEN HOUSE Group, we have established such online mental and physical health support schemes for our employees. For instance, this makes it possible to cope with situations that would be difficult to address through face-to-face consultation alone, and it enables employees to readily seek physician consultation by means of video conferencing and an online chat service.
Moreover, we promote Health and Productivity Management by administering quarterly employee questionnaires that help in assessing their health and carrying out consultation when necessary.

Mandatory comprehensive brain exams

In 2021, the OPEN HOUSE Group started making comprehensive brain exams available to employees aged 40 and older as part of its fringe benefit plan. Although cerebrovascular disease stands as one of the three leading causes of death in Japan, the Japanese government does not currently list comprehensive brain exams as one of its comprehensive medical exam options recommended to companies. As such, measures taken to prevent brain disease are lacking in Japan. We accordingly provide a workplace environment that affords employees peace of mind through our commitment to early detection of cerebral infarction and other such conditions and thorough health management as a result of access to comprehensive brain exam screening.